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Awake My Soul

June 22, 2015



MSW Top 69 Photographers

March 11, 2014

I feel Honored and Blessed to be mentioned among the talented group of photographers listed in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine as one of the top 69 Photographers.


Claire and Henry Elopement

March 10, 2014

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Special Thanks To:

– LB Events (Hallie Slade)

– Hair and Make Up: Girl Meets Bongga

– Stationary: Prim and Pixie

– Desserts: MJB Cakes

– Flowers: Moon Canyon Design

– Rentals: Found Vintage Rentals

– Alexa and Johan

C & M Fly Away

March 9, 2014

Plane_03 Plane_32 Plane_33 Plane_34 Plane_35 Plane_36 Plane_37 Plane_40Plane_38Plane_08 Plane_44Plane_10 Plane_09Plane_45 Plane_47 Plane_46 Plane_48 Plane_49

Family, Lake Michigan, and Dinner on the Beach

September 20, 2013

Family reunions are so essential for myself, wife and son. Growing up in the Midwest, Lake Michigan was our ocean. The most beautiful beaches and the best fruit picking in the entire country are located there. I still have not tasted a better peach outside the state of MI.

Here is a little dinner we all contributed to as a culmination in the reunion of family. The menu included the peaches and blueberries we picked. MichDinner_01 MichDinner_02MichDinner_04 MichDinner_03 MichDinner_06 MichDinner_05  MichDinner_07 MichDinner_08 MichDinner_09 MichDinner_10 MichDinner_11 MichDinner_12 MichDinner_13 MichDinner_14 MichDinner_15 MichDinner_16 MichDinner_17 MichDinner_18 MichDinner_19 MichDinner_20MichDinner_27MichDinner_21 MichDinner_22 MichDinner_23 MichDinner_24 MichDinner_25 MichDinner_26

Band Feature: Dark and Stormy

September 20, 2013

DarkStormy_01 DarkStormy_02 DarkStormy_03 DarkStormy_04    DarkStormy_09DarkStormy_06 DarkStormy_07 DarkStormy_08Band_01 Band_02

Ben and Lee Roadtrip

August 6, 2013

Ben and Lee are on a journey across the country in their RAD VW Bus from ’72. I was lucky enough to join them on a little section of their incredible adventure. BL_002BL_001BL_003BL_004