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Family, Lake Michigan, and Dinner on the Beach

September 20, 2013

Family reunions are so essential for myself, wife and son. Growing up in the Midwest, Lake Michigan was our ocean. The most beautiful beaches and the best fruit picking in the entire country are located there. I still have not tasted a better peach outside the state of MI.

Here is a little dinner we all contributed to as a culmination in the reunion of family. The menu included the peaches and blueberries we picked. MichDinner_01 MichDinner_02MichDinner_04 MichDinner_03 MichDinner_06 MichDinner_05  MichDinner_07 MichDinner_08 MichDinner_09 MichDinner_10 MichDinner_11 MichDinner_12 MichDinner_13 MichDinner_14 MichDinner_15 MichDinner_16 MichDinner_17 MichDinner_18 MichDinner_19 MichDinner_20MichDinner_27MichDinner_21 MichDinner_22 MichDinner_23 MichDinner_24 MichDinner_25 MichDinner_26

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