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I started shooting photos my freshman year in high school. My life in grade school was made up of playing sports for every season: soccer, football, basketball, and baseball. An in injury in 8th grade prevented me from playing sports in the early years of high school. I needed something to occupy my need to be a part of something active.

Photo Club seemed pretty cool, and I joined right away. My father was instrumental in the process. We built a darkroom in our basement. Right away, I was hooked. I learned photography with film and still shoot with it on a regular basis. My life goals were put in place.  My arsenal in shooting anything requires both film and digital images.

I currently live in Los Angeles, CA with my wife Jillian from 100 Layer Cake and son Liam. I enjoy planting seeds, growing plants, biking over the Brooklyn Bridge, BBQ on the park, West coast of Mexico, driving to Alaska, camping, oranges, grapefruit, fancy beer, and enjoying time with the people closest to me.

Cheers and thank you for visiting.

(212) 365-0958

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